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SHANDONG JUNTE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is an specialized in design, manufacture and sale of various crushing and screening machinery equipment provider in China. We provide our clients with a whole series of crushing and screening machinery equipment, including hydraulic cone crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, vibrating screening and all complete set of stone crushing and sand making production lines. Our products had passed the quality system certification of ISO9001:2008, and the European CE certificate.

We are able to offer products of high performance-price ratio as well as superb service backup and solutions to our clients. We have a complete after-sales service network. Our after-sales engineers who have received strict training always put clients first and are able to provide quick maintenance service to clients as needed. We have established offices around China. Besides constantly increasing our market share in China, we have also exported our products to different countries and regions all over the world, including Russia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Dominica, Brazil, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Ghana, Nigeria, Algeria, Cameroon, Uganda, Namibia, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Kenya. Our products are well recognized by worldwide customers, because of our excellent quality, practical functions, and reasonable prices. We stick to innovation, constantly improve our product quality and reliability and strive to become a world renowned brand in the industry of crushing and screening machinery. We understand that our success relies on our clients' confidence.

We Make our customers successful
We value our relationships with customers as partnerships
We provide exceptional customer service-always
We give customers more than they expect to create the best value
We are flexible and adaptable to our customer's requirements
We deliver on time
We are problem solvers
We listen to, define and solve customer challenges
We demand continuous improvement
We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship
We make decisions based on facts

24 hours Service Number: +86-18669939306(WhatsApp) Email: gunter@gunterchina.com

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